Purim Kollel

Dear Members of the Community,

As we approach the joyous and spiritually elevated day of Purim, it is with great enthusiasm that we present to you a unique opportunity to take part in supporting Torah learning in an unprecedented manner. Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel is proud to announce its annual Purim Kollel initiative, a program that embodies the very essence of simchas Purim through the lens of Torah learning and communal unity.

For a special period of 72 hours, commencing on Purim day, we will be engaging in an intense seder of learning, whereby our talmidim and avreichim will pour over the holy seforim with an added measure of fervor and hasmada. But the kedusha of this special time does not rest on the shoulders of Yeshiva Mishkan Shmuel alone. In a harmonious union of Torah scholars, this kollel also extends its reach, partnering with a variety of other kollelim – each with their own respective derech in limud haTorah. From those who delve into the depths of sugyas in Shas and Poskim to those who concentrate on the pilpul of mussar and hashkafa, every voice in the symphony of Torah study is amplified during these holy hours.

Dear friends, the power of Torah that permeates the air during Purim is palpable. Chazal have taught us “Kol ha’poshet yad, nosnim lo” – whoever stretches out his hand is given support. In the spirit of Purim, where generosity knows no bounds, we invite you to extend your hand to the olam haTorah. By participating in this campaign, your tzedakah will not only support the avreichim of Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel itself but will also be a beacon of support for a myriad of other Torah learners who give of themselves day and night to the service of the Ribbono Shel Olom.

With each contribution, you become an integral partner in the avodas hakodesh that continues vigorously within the walls of our Yeshiva and beyond. You infuse chizuk into the hearts of avreichim and bochurim, empowering them to continue in their dedication to Torah and avodah. Moreover, your act of giving stands as a zechus for you and your family, invoking brachos and yeshuos for all.

As we sip from the kos of Purim, let us ensure that we share that same cup of simcha and kedusha with the tireless talmidei chachamim across our community. Join us in this transformative journey over the Purim days, in a partnership that elevates not only the learners themselves but the whole of Klal Yisroel. May our joint efforts in supporting Torah learning hasten the arrival of true simchas olam in our days, with the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu, bimheira v’yameinu, Amen.

With heartfelt wishes for a Freilichen Purim,
Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel

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