The Sefer Torah Campaign

Dear Friends and Supporters of Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel,

We are reaching out to you during a momentous time in the continuing story of our Yeshiva. Baruch Hashem, our Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel has flourished, becoming a bastion of Torah learning and a place where bochurim can shteig in their ruchnius and gashmius. Now, we stand before an incredible mitzvah and unique opportunity: the writing of a new Sefer Torah, which requires the united support of our extended Yeshiva family.

The Sefer Torah is the lifeblood of Klal Yisrael, embodying the essence of our mesorah passed down through the generations. Writing a new Sefer Torah is a significant undertaking, involving significant cost and meticulous work. The sofer, a specially trained scribe, must be a yirei shomayim, as he undertakes the holy work of inscribing the 304,805 letters with utmost precision and kedushah. Each parsha, each possuk, and each os (letter) are written with a quill on klaf, and requires the sofer to commit his heart and soul to this sacred avodah.

It is considered a tremendous zechus to participate in the creation of a Sefer Torah. The Gemara in Shabbos (119b) tells us that writing a sefer Torah is as if one has received the Torah from Har Sinai. Moreover, Chazal teach us that everyone should aspire to write a sefer Torah in their lifetime. Through your generous tzedakah towards this mitzvah, you are not merely donating; you are investing in a living, enduring legacy, a part of which ascends together with the sanctity of each word learned from the Torah you help bring to life.

Our goal is to ensure that every talmid, every avreich, and every member of the Yeshiva community has a part in this mitzvah. We have established different levels of dedication for parshiyos, aliyos, and pesukim, so everyone can participate according to their ability. Through your partnership in this endeavor, you will be linking your fate and fortune to the Torah itself and to the future talmidei chachamim who will learn from it.

As we take upon ourselves this holy task, we invite you to join us in writing the next chapter for Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel. Your support is not merely a donation – it’s a statement of belief in the timeless value of Torah, the chinuch of our bochurim, and the vibrancy of our Jewish heritage. May your contribution stand as a zechut for you and your family, bringing you brachos, yeshuos, and continued connection to the eternal Torah, the life-force of our people.

With warmest wishes for bracha and hatzlacha,
The Hanhalah of Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel

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