The Wolden Campaign

Title: A Heartfelt Call to Support Rabbi Aryeh Wolden and the Precious Torah of Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel


Dear Brothers and Sisters in our cherished Torah community,

We come before you with a plea, an urgent call to action that speaks to the very core of our commitment to Torah and mitzvos. It is with both a heavy heart and an unwavering sense of achrayus that we bring to your attention the plight of a true marbitz Torah, Rabbi Aryeh Wolden, and the exceptional makom Torah he leads, Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel. In this eis tzarah, we ask you to open your hearts and extend your generous hand, enabling Rabbi Wolden to continue the avodas hakodesh without the burden of daunting financial challenges that cast a shadow over his incredible work.

Rabbi Aryeh Wolden, a venerable talmid chacham whose name needs no introduction in the olam haTorah, has dedicated his life to the harbatzas Torah. Fortunate are the talmidim who have had the zechus to sit under his tutelage, delving deep into the lumdos of Shas and poskim, emerging not only with a breadth of yedios but transformed into bnei Torah of substance with a grounding in yiras shamayim. Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel stands a towering edifice in the landscape of Torah learning, teeming with the vibrant kol Torah of young souls set aflame with an unwavering passion for learning and avodas Hashem.

However, the unrelenting march of time has brought to light the harsh realities of mounting expenses that threaten to undermine the very foundations of this bastion of Torah. As the yoke of financial strain grows heavier, the yeshiva finds itself at a crucial juncture. The need to secure funds to support the day-to-day operations, including the provision of sefarim, upkeep of the beis medrash, and the provision of stipends to the avreichim who sacrifice so much for the sake of Torah, has never been more pressing. Without your immediate assistance, the uninterrupted flow of Torah learning and the pure avoda that transpires within the walls of Mishkan Shmuel is in jeopardy.

We therefore reach out to you, our brothers and sisters who share a deep-rooted belief in the eternality of Torah, to take part in this mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim – for, in truth, the Torah itself is captive, awaiting your act of chesed to release it. Your tzedakah—the embodiment of chesed and the highest form of gemilus chasadim—will not only provide Rabbi Wolden and the talmidim with the means to sustain their noble pursuit of Torah but will stand as an everlasting edifice to your commitment to supporting Torah in our generation.

In the merit of your generosity, may you and yours be zoche to bountiful brochos, including good health, nachas, parnassah, and continued growth in Torah u’mitzvos. May we all be zoche to see the day when the light of Torah illumines the entire world, with the coming of Moshiach tzidkeinu, bimheira b’yameinu, Amen.

Please, take a moment to visit our campaign page at, to make your much-needed and much-appreciated donation today. Let us band together, as a community rooted firmly in Torah values, to uplift Rabbi Aryeh Wolden and Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel, proving once again that kol Yisrael areivim zeh bazeh – all of Israel are responsible for one another.

With heartfelt gratitude and tefillos for your aliyah in ruchniyus and gashmiyus,

The Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel Family

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