Yeshiva Kollel

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce an opportunity to partner with Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel as we launch a pivotal fundraising campaign with a focus on strengthening our own makom Torah, the kollel situated within the yeshiva’s walls. This kollel operates under the direction and watchful eye of our esteemed Rosh Yeshiva, who imparts the mesorah of our gedolim with clarity and depth to every talmid. Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel takes pride in fostering an environment of true Torah learning, creating bnei Torah who are steeped in learning and yiras shamayim.

Our kollel is unique in that it offers preference to alumni of Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel, inviting them back to their former limudim grounds to continue their avodas hakodesh in Torah study without interruption. By doing so, we maintain the warmth of the Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel family, allowing chavrusos and shiurim to flourish under the guidance of their Rebbeim. This continuity strengthens the yeshiva’s sense of kehillah and camaraderie, ensuring that our alumni remain closely connected to their roots in Torah and avodah.

Investing in the kolleil is an investment in klal Yisroel’s future. Our talmidim, steeped in the mesorah of the yeshiva, become marbitzei Torah, teaching and inspiring the next generation. The kollel serves not only as a place of intense learning but also as a beacon of leadership for our community and beyond. Through your support, we can ensure that our kollel continues to thrive, offering more shiurim, facilitating additional learning opportunities, and attracting more yungeleit to join the ranks of Torah scholars dedicated to lifelong learning and harbotzas Torah.

But we cannot do this alone. Your partnership is critical in securing the necessary resources for our kollel’s growth and success. The costs associated with maintaining our high standard of learning, providing for the needs of our kollel yungeleit, and expanding our facilities are considerable. Your generosity will directly benefit the enhancement of our Torah learning environment, supporting our avreichim in their commitment to Torah study and enabling them to learn with menuchas hanefesh.

Please join us in this zechus by contributing to the future of Torah at Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel. Let us come together to bolster this makom Torah—a bastion of learning and living al pi halacha, a place where the sounds of Torah fill the air continuously. Remember, supporting the kollel is not just a donation; it’s a partnership in the eternal merit of Torah and a testament to the unbreakable chain of our mesorah. May your support bring you abundant brachos and may we all merit to see the fruits of Torah flourish for generations to come.

[Yeshivas Mishkan Shmuel Fundraising Committee]

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